November 2017

If your home has a large garden or lawn, you really need to make proper use of this space, as otherwise, you may be wasting a lot of its potential. Sure, cultivating some flowers or planting a few trees is a great way to add appeal and give your place a more natural look, but plants aren’t the only things that are welcome in your garden.What we want to emphasize is the addition of new living spaces in outdoor areas, which can be used for all sorts of situations in much the same way as you would use your home’s interior rooms. While there are almost no restrictions when it comes to placing stratco stratco verandahs or new verandah roofs, following some guidelines can be helpful in knowing how to place your outdoor living spaces and to make the best use of your limited outdoor space.

Go with What You Like

Designing outdoor living areas is really something you should do on your own. You can consult a landscape designer for help in seamlessly integrating your designs into your home’s outdoor areas, but remember to design something unique and fancy in order to make it stand out from the crowd. This is a great way to make your home look a little more personal.

Remember the Interior Design Rules

Things such as creating focal points, reducing clutter or arranging your furniture in an orderly manner can be applied to exterior living spaces as well. This is especially true when you want to dedicate a separate area like your patio or a stratco pavilion for relaxation purposes. Following the above-mentioned rules makes such areas suitable to be used as alternate living rooms whenever you want to do so. Visit 

Consider About the Weather

Weather is surely going to make a big impact in designing of outdoor spaces. If you live in an area where temperatures are relatively high, with little to no chance of heavy rain and storms occurring, you are more likely to spend your time outdoors during the warmer months than a person who lives in a harsh, cold climate. Remember to add a sturdy roof to protect your living spaces from harsh sunlight and the elements of nature. Also consider against choosing wooden furniture, as it is extremely likely to be damaged from moisture over time.

Ensure Your Privacy

While it is nice to be able to see your living spaces from afar, you should always consider about your privacy, particularly if you are going to use such living spaces for important discussions or meetings on a regular basis. Clever shielding can be done by using trees and shrubs, while installing a protective fence may be considered to deter animals from entering.