The ‘7 Year Itch’ Of A House

The saying goes that every happily married couple will pass through the “7 year itch” which makes them restless with their settled life and each long for some adventure outside of the marital bed. A house is just the same. Somewhere around the 7-10 year mark, a house too needs to be revamped and seriously updated. This is because what worked in a brand new house may longer work for the times, the weather or for the changed people that you are now. So here are the areas which require overhauling first:

Cover Your Head

Start with roof repairs Auckland because this is the most serious problem you can have. It may be leaking in places which can cause mould and rot inside the walls; it can cause damage to the foundation; it can cause electrical shortages and other damage to any other wiring you have inside the walls. You might have to do a complete overhaul and it might cost a bit, but remember that there is no point doing any changes to the rest of the house if the roof has issues.

Nooks and Crannies

Over time, the nooks and crannies of a house suffer a lot of weathering. The window sills and edges may have cracks and plaster showing. The walls may have peeling wallpaper or paint in places. Certain corners may be darker than the rest of the house on account of collecting dust and dirt; others may be lighter by being burned by the sun. So along with roofing fixes, you will also need to call in a mason builder and a painter. Some walls simply need a fresh coat of paint while others need to be chipped, sanded and painted with rubber paint or some sort of weather shield. Go here  for more information plumbers

Energy and Communication

If you used to have a land line telephone, then there will be wires all over the house. Now that internet and phoning happens wirelessly, you can simply rip out the wires – there’s no going back from here baby. As for electric wires, call in an electrician and have him/her go over all the circuits thoroughly to make sure there is no electric leak or fraying in any of the connections. Electric fires are some of the hardest to put out as there is no tangible source. However, it is also the easiest to safeguard against. Make sure all your circuit breakers work, that all major connections are properly earthed and insulate all open wiring.

Ultimately the longevity of the house (and your marriage) will depend on how much time, money and effort you sink into it. The more you work at it, the better it will become and the longer you shall keep it.